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Please Note

The STAR WARS DESPECIALIZED PROJECT was created by Petr Harmy and countless other fans who dedicated their time, skills, resources and passion to make it available to the public. We are just fans that are helping you gain access to it, because without assistance gaining access can be difficult. As with ANY fan edit, please remember that you MUST already be the LEGAL OWNER of the OFFICIAL SOURCE. The STAR WARS fan community is strong with the FORCE and honest. We want to encourage everyone to support the official STAR WARS franchise. Therefore, in order to gain access to Harmy's Despecialized Edition, you MUST OWN an OFFICIAL HD RELEASE for each of these feature films, such as a digital release or on Blu-Ray. Please be aware, that if people start to abuse the ability to gain access to this project that it could be shut down entirely.

So, what am I paying for?

The answer is simple! It is for the time, materials and personalization that go into making these sets. Because you have already confirmed that you own an OFFICAL HD RELEASE, I am including the content at no cost.